Patient Stories

Chelsea O.

After having a great experience with Dr. Setty and his staff during her liposuction procedure, Chelsea continues to visit the spa on a regular basis for facials and spray tans. “It’s become my go-to place and I plan on using Dr. Setty again when I have my next surgical procedure,” she says. “I really feel like family there because everyone is so genuine, welcoming and friendly.”

Chelsea, 26, recently had liposuction on her upper and lower abs, flanks and thighs. “I had a lot of anxiety about being awake during the procedure, which I told Dr. Setty about,” she explains. “He was completely understanding and honest about what would be best for me and gave a great consultation.”

After the procedure, Chelsea went from a size 12 to a size 6/8 and says she can’t wait to put on a bathing suit for her upcoming girls trip to Mexico. In addition, she’s gained an unexpected boost of confidence.

“I’ve always been athletic and confident in my body,” she explains. “Still, I knew I wanted to lose a few inches, just to make my body more proportionate and more of an hourglass figure. Afterwards, I found that I walked just a little taller and I was more comfortable in professional settings. Plus shopping for clothes is a lot more fun now!”

Jess M.

story-614Jess began considering plastic surgery to help smooth out problem areas after her second child was born, and met with several surgeons before choosing Dr. Naveen Setty. “Our personalities just meshed immediately and I was very comfortable from the moment I arrived at the office,” she says. “I have always been a healthy size 4, but had issues with my abdomen area after a C-section. Dr. Setty explained all my options and expectations before I decided to do the Smartlipo procedure.”

The Smartlipo Triplex was performed on Jess’ abdomen and flanks (often known as love handles) in March. “I was wrapped up for two days but I could still see immediate results, which just continued to get better and better,” she says.

Smartlipo triplex is a minimally invasive procedure, which usually requires only local anesthesia. Just six weeks after her procedure, Jess went on a trip to Cancun with her husband. “I definitely felt sexier and was excited about getting into a bikini,” she says. “Everyone asks me if I’ve lost weight, but it really just inches and not weight loss. I’m so pleased that I did this for myself.”