A body lift generally targets the abdominal, groin, thigh, and buttock regions to help shape and tighten to a more youthful and attractive contour. This procedure can be a life altering event and can sometimes be the final stage for someone in their weight loss journey.

How To Know If a Body Lift Is Right For You

If you have lost a massive amount of body weight through diet or bariatric surgery, the body lift may be right for you. Many times after bariatric surgery or extreme weight loss, excess skin is left behind. There’s no way to eradicate this problem without surgery. Fortunately, this is a common procedure performed by Dr. Setty to meet the needs of so many people who have lost weight.

If you’re bothered by excess skin around your tummy, thighs, buttocks or elsewhere, schedule a consultation with Dr. Setty to learn how body lift surgery and other body contouring procedures can help.

How Body Lift Surgery Is Performed

Compared to other plastic surgery procedures, the body lift is rather extensive. Incisions are made in locations where natural folds of skin can hide scars or at least allow them to be hidden easily under clothing. Dr. Setty works in a concentric fashion around the body, making very precise incisions and removing loose skin as necessary.  Generally, the incision will be made in the lower abdominal area and goes circumferentially around the hips and upper buttocks.  The scars from the procedure are extensive but will fade with time and are hidden.  If you are concerned about the appearance of scars, discuss this with Dr. Setty at your consultation and consider the use of Embrace scar therapy.

A body lift may vary depending on the individual patient. It may involve several different cosmetic procedures — each performing skin tightening on a certain area of the body, including the following:

Because the body lift procedure is an extensive surgery, most patients will spend one night in the hospital.  Typically, patients will be discharged the next day after an evaluation by Dr. Setty.  Compression garments will be worn for 6 weeks.  No exercise is generally allowed for 2 weeks and most patients will take 2 weeks off from work.  Strenuous activities will be resumed after 6 weeks.  While immediate results will be apparent, the final appearance will be visible after 3 months.

If You’re Interested In Body Lift Surgery

To find out if body lift surgery is right for you, contact our Texas plastic surgery office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Naveen Setty. Dr. Setty is a board certified plastic surgeon and routinely treats body lift patients from McKinney and the surrounding Texas communities such as Frisco, Allen, Plano, Sherman, and Dallas who want a firmer, slimmer figure after dramatic weight loss.