Benifits of Ear Surgery

  • Pins back and reshapes protruding ears
  • Streamlines facial features
  • Improves self-esteem and may diminish teasing

How To Know If Ear Surgery Is Right For You

Ear surgery is often performed on children as soon as the ears are sufficiently developed, usually by around age four. As far as cosmetic procedures go, this one likely has the youngest patients.

The procedure can be performed on children before they enter elementary school, but each case should be evaluated on an individual basis. Adults who say they’ve always felt self-conscious about their ears can also opt to undergo this procedure.

How Ear Surgery Is Performed

Otoplasty for children is generally performed with a general anesthetic, while adults may be given a local anesthetic with sedation. Precise incisions are made behind the ear and the cartilage is remodeled and stitched to maintain the new shape.

Dr. Setty performs ear surgery using conservative techniques that streamline your ears while maintaining their natural appearance. Perfect ear symmetry is difficult to achieve and actually rare in individuals, but Dr. Setty will use his significant skill as a board certified plastic surgeon to aim for the best results possible.

The first week or two after your ear surgery, your ears need to be protected. Dr. Setty will instruct you to wear a compressive headband for up to a week. Do not sleep on or apply pressure to your ears during the otoplasty recovery period, as any trauma to the ears during this crucial healing stage can compromise results.

Additionally, children may miss up to a week of school during the ear surgery recovery period, and adults may be out of work for about five days. Most bruising and swelling should resolve within 1-2 weeks, and otoplasty patients may resume light to strenuous activities within 3-6 weeks.

Three months after ear surgery final results are achieved. You will enjoy more proportionate, less prominent ears that complement your other facial features and do not detract from your overall appearance.

If You’re Interested In Ear Surgery

Ear surgery can make a significant difference in one’s self-image. Dr. Setty typically recommends that his Texas ear surgery patients undergo the otoplasty procedure early in life to avoid some of the trauma that may be associated with teasing.

You may have questions about additional details and the cost of ear surgery—to have those questions answered, we ask that you schedule a consultation with McKinney plastic surgeon Dr. Naveen Setty. Dr. Setty is a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience performing ear surgery, and he routinely sees otoplasty patients of all ages from McKinney and other surrounding Texas communities.