How To Know If Eyelid Surgery Is Right For You

The ideal candidate for eyelid surgery has signs of aging around the eyes. Some of the cosmetic imperfections correctable by eyelid surgery are listed below.

  • Excess skin around the eyes
  • Puffiness and bags around the eyes
  • Vision problems resulting from these conditions

It is important to note that blepharoplasty will not correct descended, droopy eyebrows. To address this problem, a brow lift may be recommended.

How Eyelid Surgery Is Performed

During eyelid surgery, very precise incisions are made in the natural creases of the upper eyelids and/or in the lower eyelid creases. For lower eyelid surgery, the incision may also be hidden just inside the lower eyelid if a variation on the procedure known as a transconjunctival blepharoplasty approach is performed.

A small amount of tissue is removed or relocated to achieve the desired result. Eyelid surgery is performed under light sedation with local anesthesia. After the procedure is complete, it is normal to experience some swelling and tightness near the eyes. Within 48 hours, you should look and feel normal, and you’ll be able to appreciate the cosmetic improvements.

If You’re Interested In Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Naveen Setty is an experienced, board certified Texas plastic surgeon, and he routinely performs eyelid surgery in McKinney, TX at a state-of-the-art surgical facility.

Call (214) 842-6960 or contact Setty Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation, or to learn more about how eyelid surgery can correct hooded, drooping upper eyelids and puffy, baggy lower eyelids. Patients from McKinney, as well as the surrounding cities of frequently visit Dr. Setty for eyelid surgery and enjoy superior results.