ZO® Medical

ZO_image_productsZO® Medical provides a wide range of therapeutic products designed to treat several skin disorders and chronic conditions such as:

  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Sebum (oily skin)
  • Sun damage
  • Pilosebaceous unit disorders
  • Other inflammatory disorders

How to know if you’re a candidate for ZO® Skin care products

Patients at every age and stage of their lives can gain benefits from ZO® Skin Health products which provide patients effective daily skincare and protection from the environment. These programs create and maintain healthy skin that is strong, smooth and firm, evenly toned, while delivering clinically proven results.

If you’re interested in using a ZO® Skin care products…

To learn more about using ZO® Skin care products – its risks, benefits, cost or availability – contact our Texas plastic surgery office.



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